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The Black Guy Blow-Up Doll SALE
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Black Guy Inflatable Love Doll

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An African American blow up male doll that is life-like and has an 8 inch penis. Have deliver Tyler right to your door with our private shipping methods.

Hot Facts

  • A black blowup doll
  • Perfect for diverse parties
  • Features an 8 inch penis

Item Description

Think your bachelorette might need one last night of debauchery before she walks down the aisle? Give her the gift of Tyler Knight. This inflatable doll comes complete with an 8 inch penis and life-like face. A perfect gag gift to pass around the party, and who knows, your bachelorette just might give it a whirl once everyone goes home. I hope she doesn't. You know what they say happens...She may never go back.

Just a note. This blow up doll is one of very few African American bachelorette party items. If you're throwing a bachelorette party for a diverse crowd, it's definitely an item to consider. We hope you enjoy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
We appreciated the equal

We appreciated the equal opportunity treatment of sex dolls!

The bachelorette's only d

The bachelorette's only dated white guys her whole life, so we wanted to give her a taste of the other side before she got married ;) we're just lucky she didn't call off the wedding because of the bachelorette party! ;)

This was so much fun... w

This was so much fun... we'll never go back to white blow-up dolls again! lol

We had a blast with this

We had a blast with this doll at the house! They wouldn't let us bring him into the bar though so our fun with him stopped there. I accused them of racism but they still wouldn't let him in, imagine that.

Tyler Doll

Oh my god! I don't even remember what we did with this doll at the party, only that it was hilarious!!

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