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Ladies Night Gossip Game SALE

Bachelorette Party Gossip Game

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Want a game that will get your girls gabbing? Get Ladies Night from the party planning experts at, where we help you throw the best parties.

Hot Facts

  • Ladies Night Game
  • A really fun game
  • Best for at-home bachelorette parties

Item Description

Laugh. Gossip. Celebrate. Ladies Night is a game that's all about having fun with your girlfriends, and it's perfect for an at-home bachelorette party. This fun game will have you sharing memories, laughing and celebrating the bachelorette before she becomes a bride.

The Ladies Night Game has four types of cards with questions: Love & Relationship Cards, Lifestyle Cards, Just for Fun Cards and Style & Beauty Cards. Take turns spinning and asking the bachelorette and friends questions like:

  • What would I prefer to find while panning for gold that I would value more than gold?
  • Who in my life do I feel has the most 'dirt' on me?
  • If I could dress my lover, what would I have him wear?
  • What room in my house am I least likely to show off to my guests?

This guessing game will get all the girls at the party talking and laughing. We like this game because depending on your guests, it can be as tame or dirty as you like.

Cards are in English and Spanish.

Customer Reviews

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This game was a lot of fu

This game was a lot of fun and we could play it with all the party guests, even the shy and easily embarrassed ones.

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