Sex Mate Game - Match the Sex Positions

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The Sex Mate Game is a sexy match card game for you to play at the at-home bachelorette party! Get this fun and dirty card game at

Hot Facts

  • Sex Mate Game
  • A matching game like Memory
  • A whole kama sutra of cards

  • Item Description loves the Sex Mate Game! If you're looking for a hilarious game that will have everyone gasping, furrowing their brows, and sharing their own stories of sex positions gone right (or gloriously wrong), the Sex Mate Game is for you.

    This is a great game to play at home, and you can even turn it into a drinking game. You'll need a large table or surface area to lay all the cards out in a grid, face down. Now let 2-4 players begin to look at two cards at a time. It's a game like "Memory" — you're looking to get pairs of cards that match. Along the way, you'll learn many new inspiring sex positions, and some that seem downright impossible! 

    Feel free to share if you've tried these positions and what happened! It makes the game even more hilarious to play at the bachelorette party.

    Includes 53 cards -- 26 card matches and 1 rules card.




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