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Fuck You Sucker (Butterscotch) SALE
Fuck You Sucker (Butterscotch) SALE

Fuck You Sucker

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The Fuck You Sucker is a tasty bachelorette party treat and a way to tell off creepy dudes at the bar all rolled into one!

Hot Facts

  • Butterscotch Flavored
  • Easily Recognizable Design
  • Net Weight 50g
  • Item Description

    Fuck You, Sucker!

    No, wait, come back! I didn’t mean to put that comma in there. Honestly, I don’t know how that got there. I was just trying to tell you about the Fuck You Sucker. I didn’t mean to say “Fuck you” to you, and I don’t think you’re a sucker. Well, unless you mean sucker on this delicious butterscotch lollipop. I think you and everybody else at your bachelorette party are going to want to be that kind of sucker.

    The Fuck You Sucker is one of the most unique bachelorette party candies we’ve encountered. Instead of the standard penis shape, this lollipop has a different R-rated design: a realistically detailed hand flipping up the middle finger! We think this is the perfect pop for a bachelorette party out on the town. Instead of giving the gross guys at the bar the wrong idea by suggestively licking a candy dick, you can show them exactly how you feel about their uninvited attentions without even needing to lift a finger of your own. Or, you can still use both of your own middle fingers, while holding this in your mouth, to show them the unprecedented triple bird. Woah.

    One butterscotch-flavored lollipop. Net weight 1.5 oz / 42g.

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    I gave a six-pack of these to my husband at our final divorce hearing. Best money ever spent. xxoo

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