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Double-Barrel Boobie Water Gun

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The Boobie Squirt Gun might just be our all-time favorite way to consume alcohol at a bachelor party. Who doesn't like drinking hard liquor straight from a pair of massive boobies?

Hot Facts

  • Double barrel
  • Fill with water or liquor
  • Great party favor or game

Item Description

So you’re throwing a bachelor party for a true drinking legend. The kind of guy who makes beer bongs look like sippy cups; the kind of guy who long ago gave up kegstands and body shots because they just weren’t exciting enough any more; the kind of guy who hears the phrase “whiskey enema” and thinks, “Well, how dangerous can it really be...?” You want to give him a truly unique night of drinking for his last night of freedom, but how are you supposed to alcoholically impress a man like that?

Step One: Buy yourself a Boobie Squirt Gun, vodka, and milk.
Step Two: Mix up some White Russians.
Step Three: Fill the Boobie Squirt Gun with your milky alcoholic concoction.

... We think you can probably figure it out from there. We don’t usually think of “lactation” and “fun” as ever belonging in the same sentence, but with the Boobie Squirt Gun, lactation has never been so much fun. But that’s not all: this squirt gun is double-barreled - one of the best things about boobs is that they come in pairs, after all - so two of your friends can drink from these high-powered tatas at once. Of course, after they all see how much fun it is, they’ll all be wanting a shot from the teet, so you might want to get more than one!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Titty Squirt

This purchase was the best. Filled the squirt gun with schnaps. The fellas loved it.

Kenneth A
Locked and Loaded

This squirt gun is stacked! We were laughing our butts off!

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