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Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Brunette SALE
Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Brunette SALE
Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Brunette SALE
Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Brunette SALE
Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Brunette SALE

The Cheap Date Doll - Brunette

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The Brunette Cheap Date Doll is a great way to liven up a bachelor party, without risking getting in trouble with the bride like you would with a real stripper!

Hot Facts

  • Multiple Holes
  • Screen-Printed Face
  • Luscious Brown "Hair"
  • Item Description

    Want to show the groom-to-be a good time at his bachelor party, but don’t want him to wind up divorced when the bride finds out? Sounds like he needs a Cheap Date. With the Cheap Date line of products, exclusively from, your bachelor can have everything he needs to have some fun on his last night of freedom, with a low cost and an even lower risk of being called unfaithful.

    The original Cheap Date Blowup Doll was so popular that we’ve added even more options to the collection! After all, if you were to take the groom to a strip club, he’d have a variety of ladies to choose from. And we don’t want you to feel like that’s the only way you can give him what he wants on his big night. So, now we have a variety of Cheap Date Dolls to choose from, including this Brunette! The Brunette Cheap Date Doll is a lot like the original, except her hair is brown instead of blonde. Also, her boobs are a bit bigger and feel nicer to the touch. I mean, you know, relatively speaking. It’s not like we think inflatable plastic boobs are nice to touch. No way, man. You think that.

    Blowup dolls are a hilarious addition to any bachelor party, and if you want an inexpensive, no-frills blowup doll that’ll get the job done (whatever the “job” may be), then the Cheap Date Blowup Doll is your perfect match. Whether you want to present her to the bachelor as a gift, play a game with her at the party, or whatever your intentions may be, the Cheap Date will never let you down. Unless she deflates. But surely you won’t be so rough with her to make that happen, right? Right?

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