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I'm Your Stallion Coupons SALE
I'm Your Stallion Coupons SALE
I'm Your Stallion Coupons SALE

I'm Your Stallion Coupons

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I'm Your Stallion Coupons are a booklet of 10 coupons that the bride-to-be will find very useful in her upcoming marriage, so she'll love this gift!

Hot Facts

  • 10 Coupons
  • Redeem for Sexual Favors
  • Excellent Gag Gift
  • Item Description

    The purpose of a good gag gift at a bachelorette party, generally, is to embarrass the bride in a fun and harmless way with a gift that’s usually more silly than practical. Well, that’s great for all the party guests who get a good laugh at her expense, but what does she get out of it, left with that useless gift? It’s her party, after all!

    That’s where the I’m Your Stallion Coupons come in - they’re a gag gift that’s a win-win for everyone. This flipbook of ten coupons is sure to stir an uproar at the party with its cartoon depictions of sex and its raunchy activity descriptions. But far from being practically useless, this is one gag gift that the bride will be very grateful to have in her upcoming marriage - because every single coupon is one she can redeem for the groom to perform a sexual favor for her! Ten sexual favors in the palm of her hand, to force her newlywed husband to perform at a time of her choosing. If you ask us, that’s probably more valuable than half the stuff on her wedding registry.

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