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Lucky Fucks Candy SALE
Lucky Fucks Candy SALE
Lucky Fucks Candy SALE
Lucky Fucks Candy SALE

Lucky Fucks Candy

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This bag of Lucky Fucks Candy is tasty and hilarious, making it the perfect treat to snack on at your bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Pink Penises
  • Green Shamrocks
  • 120+ Pieces
  • Item Description

    It’s the bachelorette’s last night as a single woman, and you know there’s a part of her who wants to “get lucky” since this is her last chance - but you’ve sworn a sacred oath to prevent anything from jeopardizing her upcoming matrimony. But you can help her get lucky in another way, with Lucky Fucks Candy!

    This bag of hard candy contains a mix of pink penises and green shamrocks. Whether the bride-to-be is Irish, perennially down-on-her-luck, or just sometimes thinks she’s a leprechaun when she gets really really trashed, this candy is the perfect snack to pack for her bachelorette party!

    Approx. 120 pieces of candy per bag.

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