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Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan SALE
Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan SALE
Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan - Rear View SALE
Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan - Side View SALE
Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan - Front View SALE
Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan - Top View SALE

Medium Penis Cake Pan

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The Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan makes an memorable penis-shaped cake for your bachelorette. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at

Hot Facts

  • A Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan
  • Uses about half a box of cake mix
  • An essential dessert for a bachelorette party

Item Description

This is the Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan. It is the size of a regular cake pan, but it is not shaped like a regular cake pan. It is much more fun than that. Trust me, you've never really baked a cake until you've baked a penis cake. It is an experience that has to be experienced first hand.

With a single box of cake mix, you can make one of these plus a few cupcakes for your bachelorette party. Not too shabby. Or, you could use it twice to make two dueling penises, with different flavors of cake mix.

If you are looking for African American party favors you can make chocolate cake. People are always asking for black party favors and I wish we had more. I also wish I had a plate of chocolate cake right now. Yum. This cake pan has the potential to solve both of those problems.

This cake pan is 10 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 2 inches deep. It uses about 1/2 of a box of cake mix. If you're a cake baking fool, you can bake two cakes and create a penis layer cake. Bet you never imagined you'd ever even hear the phrase "penis layer cake," let alone be baking one, huh?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
i got this with skin colo

i got this with skin color frosting&chocolate sprinkles for ball hair. all the girls loved it. thanks

The only thing better tha

The only thing better than chocolate cake is chocolate cake shaped like a penis! Awesome!

We had to make a couple o

We had to make a couple of these to feed every girl at the party. Not that anyone was complaining about that... you can never have enough big tasty penises ;)

I made a coconut cake and

I made a coconut cake and used toasted coconut for pubes!

I covered mine with Fondo

I covered mine with Fondont very easy to do. Everyone loved it and they put it on U-tube

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