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Strawberry Dickiri Cocktail Sucker SALE
Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Sucker - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Sucker - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

Strawberry Daiquiri Sucker

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This bachelorette party pop tastes as great as it looks - a bright red penis that tastes just like a tasty strawberry daiquiri cocktail, with no alcohol so anyone can enjoy it!

Hot Facts

  • Penis shaped
  • Strawberry Daiquiri flavored
  • 1.1 oz
  • Item Description

    Everyone knows that booze and bachelorette parties go hand-in-hand. I mean, come on. You’re gonna run around town, hitting on random dudes at the bars and screaming at the top of your lungs, probably wearing glowing penises on your heads, and you say you’re all gonna do that sober? Yeah right. But, maybe there’s some reason why one or more members of your bridal party can’t drink. Maybe the bride’s younger sister is underage. Maybe the maid of honor is pregnant. Maybe one of the bridesmaids is in a twelve-step program. And all of that is totally fine! They shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun because of totally justifiable circumstances like that!

    Well, don’t worry, they can still enjoy a tasty mixed drink with the girls thanks to the Strawberry Dickiri Cocktail Sucker. This lollipop tastes just like a strawberry daiquiri with none of the alcohol. Oh, did we mention it’s penis shaped? Yeah. Looks like a big honkin’ red dick. Seems even better than an alcoholic drink now, doesn’t it?

    Net weight 1.1 oz.

    Customer Reviews

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    Renee R
    Strawberries on a summer evenin

    These dont taste like a watermelon sugar high. Strawberries through and through. Definitely didnt have a boozy flavor despite the name. Cute and Smol

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