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Blue Balls Naughty Ice Cube Trays SALE
Blue Balls Naughty Ice Cube Trays SALE
Blue Balls Naughty Ice Cube Trays - Make Penis Ice Cubes SALE

Penis Ice Cube Trays

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Blue Balls Ice Cube Trays make 16 penis-shaped ice cubes or jello shots.

Hot Facts

  • 2 Ice Cube Trays
  • Makes 16 small ice cubes

Item Description

Serving drinks at your bachelorette party? Whether you're serving punch or mixed drinks, and whether they've got dirty names (like Sex on the Beach) or classy ones (Martinis, anyone?), Blue Balls Penis Ice Cubes are sure to add some spunk to your beverage. Take your favorite drink and make it even better by adding these ice cubes. They might not improve the flavor or increase the alcohol content, but they'll probably still make you enjoy it more and think you're drunk faster. After all, you'll think, you must be drunk to be drinking a drink with these in it!

The package includes two trays that make a total of 16 regular-sized ice cubes. This tray could also be used to make teeny tiny jello shots. If you're going to do that, though, you'll need to make a lot of them, because nobody will get drunk off of just a few jello shots that are this small!

All of your guests will be amused by this essential bachelorette party item. Next time you throw a hot party, cool off with Blue Ball Penis Ice Cubes.

Looking for naughty but tasty mixed drink ideas? Check out Between The Sheets or the Slow Comfortable Screw. We've compiled the recipes for lots of yummy drinks on our Party Ideas and Advice page. Here at, we really are bachelorette party experts.


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