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Pair Of Penis Shot Glasses SALE
Pair Of Penis Shot Glasses SALE
Pair Of Penis Shot Glasses - One Shot Glass SALE
Pair Of Penis Shot Glasses - Front of Package SALE
Pair Of Penis Shot Glasses - Tiny Penises Inside SALE
Pair Of Penis Shot Glasses - Rear of Package SALE

Surprise Penis Shot Glasses

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The Pair of Penises Shot Glasses will please at least two of your guests. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with

Hot Facts

  • Pair of Penis Shot Glasses
  • Clear shot glasses with pink penises inside
  • 2 per package

Item Description

What's better than one Penis Shot Glass? A Pair of Penis Shot Glasses! Bring these glasses to your bachelorette party and you'll see your guests grabbing at these little guys to try and claim them for themselves. Because two penis shot glasses is better than one, but it's never enough to go around.

Each shot glass has a small pink pecker poking out of the bottom of it. Your guests won't be able to get enough of them! That's why we've included two - the more, the merrier! Also, we were worried that the one little guy by himself might get lonely.

These Penis Shot Glasses are for the bride-to-be who needs a good, stiff drink. Or for anyone else at the party. Or for everyone else at the party. Good luck wrenching them away from the bachelorette once she gets her hands on them, though. With how easy and fun they make it to take shots, these two little peckers might become her new best friends.

Customer Reviews

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We used these to serve je

We used these to serve jello shots and I think that might have been a mistake. You know how sometimes you have to stick your tongue in the shot glass to scrape out the last bits of jello? Well, a couple of the girls did that... and just kept their tongues down there, licking around and around and around. It was kind of gross. But also, not gonna lie, really really funny!

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