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EnGAYged Sash SALE
EnGAYged Sash SALE

EnGAYged Sash

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The EnGAYged sash is a fabulous way for the bride or groom-to-be to show off how excited they are for their gay wedding!

Hot Facts

  • 6 Feet Long
  • Adjustable, One Size Fits Most
  • Safety Pin Included
  • Item Description

    We think queer icon Ru Paul put it best: “sashay away!” And now you can sash-ay into your bachelorette party or bachelor party in style with our new line of LGBTQ-friendly sashes! Many of the fashion accessories on this site make the assumption that the bachelorette is marrying a man, or the bachelor is marrying a woman, but now we’re proud to carry an assortment of fabulous sashes for women marrying women and men marrying men!

    This sash lets everyone know that you’re engaged - emphasis on the GAY! This long black sash features the word “Engaged” in white letters, except the middle part is changed to “Gay” and is spelled out in bold rainbow letters that match the beautiful rainbow sequin lining to really hammer it home! Whether it’s for a bachelorette who’s marrying another bachelorette or a bachelor who’s marrying another bachelor, this sash is a beautiful way to help them say it loud and say it proud!

    Sash measures 6 feet long and is adjustable to fit most wearers

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