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Boobie Beer Can Topper SALE
Boobie Beer Can Topper SALE
Boobie Beer Can Topper SALE

Boobie Beer Can Topper

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The Boobie Beer Can Topper is a hilarious drinking accessory for your bachelor party guests that fits on any can of beer or soda!

Hot Facts

  • Food Grade PVC
  • Easy Snap On
  • Fits Any Standard Can
  • Item Description

    Come one, come all, and see the amazing and mysterious magician Raunchio, capable of transforming any mundane object into a naughty surprise! And for my next trick, I’ll turn any ordinary can of beer (or soda) into a boob! Ready? One, two, and…


    Ta-da! Look at that! Now the bachelor isn’t just drinking a beer, he’s drinking a beer through a hilarious pink titty! Pabst Blue Ribbon, more like Pabst Boob Ribbon, am I right?

    But here’s the real trick: it’s not magic at all! With the Boobie Beer Can Topper, you, too, can transform your bachelor party guests’ beverages from cans of beer or soda into hilarious and raunchy vessels truly befitting a bachelor party! This little boob made of food-grade PVC is the perfect size to snap right onto any standard beer or soda can. It has a hole at the top (in the center of the nipple, of course) to turn that can into a sippy cup, letting you drink those beverages in true bachelor party style - straight from the tit! Best of all, they can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water, so you can relive the magic again and again!

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