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Black Penis Straws - 10 Straws SALE
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Black Penis Straws - 10 Straws SALE
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Black Penis Straws Ten Per pack SALE

African American Penis Straws

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Penis straws are a must for any party. Get them in private at your favorite bachelorette party store,, where we bill and ship with discretion.

Hot Facts

  • Black Penis Straws
  • 10 per package

Item Description

The Black Dicky Penis Straws are deep chocolate in color and very aesthetically pleasing. All of your guests will love drinking out of these straws. If they've got a regular straw in them, even the dirtiest-named drinks will seem like Virgin Shirley Temples compared to whatever glass one of these is dropped in.

These straws may lack some of the features to be exactly like real penises, but they've got most of them. They're long and hard, which is always a plus. They're the right color. And the realistic detail is liable to lead someone to confuse them for the real thing. After they've been drinking out of it all night long, maybe.

The Black Penis Straws will have your guests rolling with laughter as they sip their drinks. They're durable enough to last all night long and beyond, so your guests can take them home to keep the fun going. After you try these, your guests may never want to drink out of regular straws again!

10 straws per package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
They are brown

In case you are wondering, these straws are a dark chocolate brown. They are not jet black, but a rich, dark flesh tone.

We drank white russians o

We drank white russians out of these straws and as you can imagine the jokes were coming all night long. And so were the drinks. And so were the straws!

I had a couple of these s

I had a couple of these straws left over from the party. I keep putting them in my husband's drinks,he just doesn't find it hysterical like I do!

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