Address Questions

Address Questions

Executive Summary

  • we deliver using the us postal service
  • try to be careful with the address
  • include company names, apartment numbers, all the info.

Quick Facts

Addressing Your Questions (ha!). Read this if you have specific questions about your shipping needs such as shipping to a hotel (no problem, we do it all the time), your office (be sure to include your company name in the address), or special delivery considerations.

Shipping and Billing Address

* Can I have bachelorette party supplies shipped to my work? Yes, but you've got to give us the complete address including the company name. Be very thorough when you fill out the shipping address information. The cause of many late deliveries is incomplete addresses. Please include your company name, suite #, desk number, department and any other information that will help the mailman or mailroom out.

* Can I have bachelorette party supplies shipped to a Hotel? Yes, but do your homework first. Look up the address of the hotel and call them (you know, on the phone) to be sure that the address you have can be used to receive packages. Finally, put your name and the dates you will be at the hotel in the address like this "Jill Smith - Guest July 5-8". Be very thorough when you fill out the shipping address information. Also, be sure to order a fast, trackable shipping method and leave plenty of room for error with the shipping time.

* Are bachelorette orders shipped discreetly? In 1998, we started PriveCo to sell embarrassing products over the internet. Our first site, sells over 1500 truly embarrassing products. We have become skilled at delivering personal products in the most private manner possible. We have shipped over 1,000,000 packages this way. It is our specialty.

* Can I ship bachelorette party supplies and gifts to someone else? Absolutely. Be sure to enter their address in the shipping information. This is the first address we will ask you for.

* Can you send items to a P.O. Box? Yes.

* Can you send items to an APO or FPO address?? Yes, but Express Delivery is not available to APO or FPO addresses. If you do want something shipped to a military or government address choose the United States as your shipping address, not the country in which you are stationed. APO and FPO address count as part of the USA because the government pays for the last part of the journey.

* Do you ship to ___________? We ship to over 40 countries. If you can find your address on our order form, we'll ship to you. We only omit countries that have high incidents of online theft, poor delivery service, or political unrest.

* Can I use my own Fedex number? No. We once had to testify against a person that was using their employer's Fedex number for large numbers of personal shipments. I am unsure if they ever spent time in jail, but the trouble they went through certainly wasn't worth it.

* Will the box be left behind by the delivery person? Most of the time yes. As the sender, we actually have very little control over this. Your postal delivery person is responsible for the final decision. If you want to be sure they do, why not leave them a note? If you live in an apartment complex, your package will probably left with the management office. If you live in a place where there is no one to receive it, and no secure place to leave it, they will hold it at the post office. They often do not leave you a note to let you know (especially in Brooklyn, NY for some reason!)

* How long does delivery take, how much does it cost? See the shipping information section or proceed through the order process. We'll let you know before you need to enter your billing information.