Hit The Target

Hit The Target

Executive Summary

This silly game is a lot of fun to play at home for the bachelorette party. It uses supplies you have around the house.

Quick Facts

  • The Hit the Target Game
  • For your bachelorette party
  • Silly and fun

The Stick in the Hole Game

Supplies needed:
Several rolls of toilet paper and broomsticks (the whole broom works fine, too) or any other stick-like objects.

This is a partner game. One person holds a roll of toilet paper between her knees. The other person holds a broom or stick between her knees while her eyes are covered or blindfolded.

The person with the toilet paper grasps her partner's hands (they are only allowed to touch hands) and guides them to getting the stick in the hole of the toilet paper. The partners who do it in the fastest time wins. This can be done one pair at a time, or two pairs of partners can go head-to-head to see who inserts first.

Aim low with this game. We all know what it's supposed to simulate ... don't we? Try not to poke an eye out, that would be a major buzzkill.