Top 8 Bachelorette Party Cups, Mugs and Bottles

Okay, five handles of vodka, ten bottles of wine, 90 cans of beer. Check, check, check. You're all prepared with everything you need for a crazy bachelorette party. But wait! What are you going to drink all that booze out of? Allow us to help you with that. Here are's Top Eight cups, mugs and bottles for bachelorette parties!

Pecker Squirt Bottle#8: Party Pecker Squirt Bottle

This may not be what you think of when you think of a "bottle," but this Penis Squirt Bottle is not to be underestimated! It folds up for easy transport, and the spray nozzle makes a hilarious way to drink alcohol.

Disco Ball Cup#7: Disco Ball Cup

This shiny silver disco ball will get everyone's attention! If you want to sip your drink out of something fashionable and funky fresh, this is a great choice!


Sexy Bitch Goblet#6: Sexy Bitch Goblet

Help your bachelorette feel like the sexy bitch she is with the Sexy Bitch goblet! Decked out in feathers and rhinestones, she's sure to make an impression with this imposing cup!

Pecker Beer Glass#5: Pecker Beer Glass

Is that a penis at the bottom of your beer glass, or are you just happy to see me? When you hold your beer in this fun beer glass, the answer will obviously be both! The penis even lights up with LEDs!

Male Stripper Mug#4: Male Stripper Mug

The Male Stripper Mug is another mug that changes when you fill it with a hot beverage, but we like it even better. At first, it shows a sexy man wearing skimpy underwear. Can you guess what happens when you add a beverage? ;)

Light Up Penis Champagne Glass#3: Light Up Penis Champagne Glass

A flashing penis in a beer glass isn't classy enough for you? Then how about a flashing penis in a champagne glass? Personally, we can't think of anything classier than that in the whole world.

Bachelorette Goblet#2: Bachelorette Goblet

The Bachelorette Goblet is very similar to the Sexy Bitch Goblet, just without the pink feathers. Why do we like it better? Because it's not always appropriate to call someone a sexy bitch, but it's always fitting for her to have a cup calling her "bachelorette" - that's the whole point of the party, after all!

Dicky Sports Bottle#1: Dicky Sports Bottle

It's veiny, it's got balls, it holds twenty ounces and it's a foot tall - it simply does not get better than this Dicky Sports Bottle, folks. If your bachelorette wants to (or if you want her to) drink out of a big plastic dick, this is the big plastic dick you want.