Top Ten Penis Cake Pans and Supplies

Nothing says "Bachelorette Party" like a good old-fashioned Penis Cake! Penis-shaped cakes and cupcakes are classic bachelorette party snacks that are always a huge hit with the guests. The possibilities are a lot wider than you might think, so let our party planning experts help you figure out your dicky dessert with our Top Ten Penis Cake Pans and Supplies!

Hot Bod Cupcake Toppers#10: Hot Bod Cupcake Toppers

Make your cupcakes 300% sexier with the Hot Bod Cupcake Toppers! These toothpick toppers feature four different designs of sexy shirtless men with funny phrases and go great on penis cupcakes or regular cupcakes alike.

Naughty Cupcake Toppers#9: Naughty Cupcake Toppers

What's better than a penis cupcake? A penis cupcake with another penis on top of it! These fun toothpick toppers feature four different designs of silly cartoon penises with even sillier phrases underneath them!


Disposable Mid-Sized Cake Pan#8: Disposable Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan

This cake pan makes a mid-sized (10" long) penis cake and definitely gets the job done. It's disposable, so you don't have to worry about cleanup afterward, just throw it away once the cake is finished!


Disposable Penis Cupcake Trays#7: Disposable Penis Cupcake Trays

This set of two cupcake trays makes a total of twelve penis-shaped cupcakes. They're disposable, so they're very affordable and easy to clean up after once the cupcakes are done!


Large Disposable Penis Cake Pan#6: Disposable Large Penis Cake Pan

This is our largest disposable penis cake pan. It makes a penis cake that's a whopping 14 inches long! If you want an affordable cake pan that's easy to clean up and want to feed a lot of guests, this is the one to choose!


Penis Sprinkles#5: Penis Sprinkles

Cake and sprinkles go together like forks and knives, so it's only natural that penis cakes should have some penis sprinkles to go with them! These tasty and colorful penis sprinkles are the perfect addition to any bachelorette party cake.


Penis Cupcake Pan#4: Penis Cupcake Pan

If you want to make penis cupcakes for your party rather than one large cake, this is the cupcake pan we recommend the most. It's high-quality and makes six very decently sized penis cupcakes, so all your guests will be satisfied.

Penis Candle#3: Penis Candle

This Penis Candle brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Make a wish and blow!" As if you weren't already going to crack dirty jokes about the penis cake, it'll be 100x more hilarious when the bachelorette is blowing out this baby.

Silicone Penis Cake Pan#2: Silicone Penis Cake Pan

Silicone is hands down the best material a cake pan can be made out of. It's durable and reusable, yet so easy to clean! If you're the kind of baker who wants to use the highest quality baking materials and supplies, you've got to make your penis cake in this.


Jumbo Penis Cake Pan#1: Jumbo Penis Cake Pan

Forget about top ten penis cake pans, the Jumbo Penis Cake Pan might even be one of the top ten items on our entire site. This reusable pan makes a truly massive cock cake that measures 14" long, 10" wide, and 2" deep. That's a lot of penis.