Top Ten Penis Candies

Penis Lollipops are probably the most popular bachelorette candy out there, and there are dozens and dozens of varieties of those alone - but did you know that there's TONS of other types of penis candy, too? We've selected some of our favorites from across the candyverse to present to you our Top Ten Favorite Penis Candies!

Blowjob Gum#10: Blowjob Gum

This penis-shaped gum might not pack the flavor as some of our other penis candies, but if you need to keep your guests' mouths occupied for a long time (for whatever reason...) then Blowjob Gum will do the trick!

Peppermint Peckers#9: Peppermint Peckers

Peppermint Peckers make a great sugar-free, low-fat penis-themed snack for bachelorettes and bridesmaids who are watching their weight in preparation for their wedding dresses!

Cola Cocks#8: Cola Cocks

Remember those gummies shaped like little cola bottles that taste like soda pop? Cola Cocks are just like those, but instead of cola bottles, they're shaped like something even more phallic - actual phalluses!

Pecker Bites#7: Pecker Bites

We've tried lots of penis-shaped hard candies in our day, and Pecker Bites are one of our favorites we've ever had. They're individually wrapped and come in a strawberry flavor that's absolutely delicious!

Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Dick#6: Jumbo Rainbow Gummy Pecker

If you want to put the bride in a state of shock and awe with her bachelorette party snacks, you can't do better than the Jumbo Rainbow Gummy Pecker. This thing is HUGE! It's also perfect for a gay bachelor party!

Dicky Charms Necklace#5: Dicky Charms Necklace

Dicky Charms Necklaces are one part penis candy and one part fashion accessory! We love these candy necklaces because you can wear them when you go out to the clubs or bars and bring your penis candy with you everywhere!

Penis Gummies#4: Penis Gummies

Penis Gummies are a classic bachelorette party treat, and this box comes with enough that all the party guests can enjoy them! These tasty gummies come in a variety of fruit flavors and colors.

Mini Chocolate Penises#3: Mini Chocolate Penises

What list of candy would be complete without some chocolate?! Yes, the world of penis candy extends even so far as the realm of chocolate, and these bite-size peckers are a delectably perfect example of that!

Sour Pecker Patch Gummies#2: Sour Pecker Patch Gummies

Sour Pecker Patch Gummies are what happens when Sour Patch Kids grow up! This adult version of a classic favorite candy is sure to be a hit at your bachelorette party - and so are the faces the bride will make when she eats them!

Superfun Penis Candy#1: Superfun Penis Candy

Superfun Penis Candy has always been one of our best sellers here at, and for good reason. It's a great value, with 100 pieces of penis candy per package, and each of those pieces is packed with tasty fruit flavors!