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A Bachelorette Party Veil for a Bar Glass

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The bride's got her veil, so it's only right that her drink have one too! This elastic and tulle wedding veil fits around most bar glasses and cups.

Hot Facts

  • One Size Fits All
  • Goes Around Glasses or Cups
  • Elastic Band
  • Item Description

    You’ve got the bride-to-be all decked out in her veil and tiara, looking like an absolute princess from head to toe, but something’s still missing... of course! Her drink!

    No, you didn’t forget to give her a drink - she would never let you forget that, we’re sure - but compared to her fabulous attire, her drink just isn’t looking fancy enough to attend this event. It’s like Queen of England drinking out of a brown paper bag. Something just doesn’t look right about it.

    Luckily, now you can erase that incongruity with the Bar Glass Veil! This elegant white tulle veil with a stretchy elastic band slides around the lip of the bachelorette’s glass just as easily as the real veil slides onto her head. It’ll make her drink look so good and so elegant that as she continues to drink from it, people might start wondering which one is the bride-to-be and which one is her drink!

    (We sincerely hope your bride-to-be doesn’t have a high enough alcohol content by the end of the night that people actually can’t tell which one is her and which one is her drink. Drink responsibly.)

    The Bar Glass Veil fits all standard wine and bar glasses.



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