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Boob Cocktail Napkins SALE

Boobie Cocktail Napkins

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Boobie Cocktail Napkins are a must-have addition to your at-home bar or dining room table at your bachelor party, a perfect blend of form and function!

Hot Facts

  • Cartoon Boobs Design
  • 3 Ply Napkins
  • 20 Napkins per Pack
  • Item Description

    You’ve got your boobie cups and beer toppers. You’ve got your boobie straws. You’ve got a couple handles of liquor and a few cases of beer. You’ve got everything you need to serve up some drinks at your bachelor party, right?

    Well, sure, if you want your guests to spill and make messes everywhere. Which, let’s be honest, they’re probably going to do anyways. But you can at least mitigate the damage with the best-kept secret in bartending: a hefty supply of cocktail napkins. And since this is a bachelor party, plain old white napkins just won’t cut it. You need something that’s every bit as festive as your other drinking supplies.

    That’s where the Boobie Cocktail Napkins come in. These 3-ply napkins feature a bunch of drawings of boobs all over the napkin - because we know your super-mature friends would have scrawled boobs all over their napkins through the course of the night anyways, so these do the work for them. They’re the perfect addition to your bachelor party bar setup!

    20 napkins per package.

    Customer Reviews

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    Donna D

    I ended up doodling more boobies on these, i dont think there were enough if you ask me.

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