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Glitterati Penises Snack Plates - 8 SALE
Glitterati Penises Snack Plates - 8 SALE
Glitterati Penises Snack Plates - 8 SALE

Sex Position Plates - 8

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The Glitter Penis Bachelorette Party Plates feature shiny gold, silver, and rose gold penises for your party pleasure. Plan the perfect party at

Hot Facts

  • Glitter Penis Plates
  • 8 plates
  • Medium size
  • Item Description

    These Glitter Penises Snack or Cake Plates are so adorable! These square mid-sized plates are white with a smattering (or a sprinkle) of gold, rose gold, and silver metallic penises. Don't you wish penises actually came in these colors? We'd be happy to pull down a pair of pants and see a rose gold penis.

    These paper plates have a light wax finish and are perfect for horderves, a slice of cake, or finger foods.

    If you love these plates and are looking to decorate your bachelorette party with all the glitter penis items, we've got you covered. There are napkins that match these plates, as well as short cocktail straws, a gift bag, confetti, and confetti balloons!

    Each pack contains 8 square plates. 7" inches across.

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