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I Hate! Game SALE
I Hate! Game SALE
I Hate! Game SALE

I Hate! Game

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The I Hate Game is perfect for a fun at-home bachelorette party! Get it from, where we can help with all your bachelorette party needs.

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  • I Hate Game
  • A great bachelorette party/any party game
  • With 1200 prompts!
  • Item Description

    I Hate is a game for Haters! This party game is perfect for bachelorette parties. This game includes 1200 things you could hate (holy cow). The dice will be rolled, you'll find that number on your card, and read aloud from your card. 

    Here are some things you might love, or hate!

    1) Hot cereal

    2) Parrots that talk to you

    3) Washing your butthole

    4) Sensitivity trainings

    5) Being checked for a hernia

    6) Chocolate-covered ants

    Hold up your love it or hate it stick to show how you feel about it! You can play this game as a drinking game too—there are lots of ways to play, all included in the instructions. For 2-12 players.

    Customer Reviews

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    Thomas T
    Rivals cards against

    We bought two games on our order. The I hate game and the What The F#$K game. Of the two, I Hate had everyone at the table laughing their asses off! The gameplay was fun and engaging and never felt overly absurdist like the WTF game. Great for getting to know strangers as well. Overall, this one has great replay value with the amount of topics.

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