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Light-Up Martini Weenie Glass - Red SALE

Light-Up Martini Penis Glass

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The Light-Up Martini Weenie Glass is a great gag gift for the sophisticated bachelorette. Get this cup from, where we help you plan the perfect party.

Hot Facts

  • Light-Up Martini Weenie Glass
  • A classy martini cup
  • Lights up with penis bottom

Item Description

Is your bachelorette the kind of girl who likes a hoity-toity craft cocktail? Is she always ordering the Jalapeno Basil Martini, or the Mint Julep? Does everyone send her weird looks as they chug their Busch Lights? If so, The Light-Up Martini Weenie Glass is perfect for her.

Fill up this martini glass with her drink of choice at the bachelorette party—or as close as you can get to her favorite drink, without buying a buttload of figs, lychees and $50 liquors. Get her a drink that isn't totally clear, so she can sip away, unbothered ... until she drains her glass and realizes .. hey, wait ... there's a PENIS in that martini!!

Not only is there a penis in the Light-Up Martini Weenie Glass, the glass lights up when you place it on the counter (or press the button on the bottom). Take it to the club, or use it outside at night to get full view of the multi-colored LED lights.

The bachelorette will love the Light-Up Martini Weenie Glass!


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