Mr. and Mrs. Trivia Game

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The Mr. and Mrs. Trivia Card Game is a trivia game for the groom and bride that can be played separately, or together at a combined party!

Hot Facts

  • Game for the Groom and Bride
  • Can be Played Together or Separately
  • 108 Game Cards

  • Item Description

    Do you need a quick and simple game that you can play at the wedding just as easily as at the bachelor and bachelorette parties? Well, a Penis Pinata or the Jizz Game are probably not the way to go. You wouldn’t want to give Grandma Gertrude another heart attack on the day of her granddaughter’s wedding, now. Fortunately, not everything we sell here is all about dicks. The Mr. and Mrs. Trivia Card Game is a classier and more appropriate - but still wild and hilarious - sort of trivia game to be played by the bride- and groom-to-be, separately or together.

    To prepare the game, have the groom fill out and answer all the “For Her” cards and have the bride fill out and answer all the “For Him” cards. Then, someone asks the other person those questions to see if they know what their betrothed wrote. If you’re playing at the wedding, it can be a direct competition with a prize for the person who knows their new spouse best. If you play separately at the bachelor and bachelorette parties, it makes a great drinking game - the bachelor/bachelorette has to drink when they get the answer wrong, or gets to assign a drink to someone else when they get it right. But of course, it’s questions about their beloved, they’re going to get everything right, right? Right??

    108 game cards.

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