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Naughty Confession Conversation Starters - Hilarious! SALE
Naughty Confession Conversation Starters - Tons of Topics in Every Pack SALE

Get Your Guests Talking With These Raunchy Convo Starters!

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The Naughty Conversation Starter Sticks will have the bachelorette party guests roaring with laughter. Get them from the expert bachelorette party planners at

Hot Facts

  • Naughty Conversation Starter Sticks
  • 50 double-sided sticks
  • Hilarious & inappropriate questions

Item Description

Want to have the most outrageous, raunchy conversations of your life at the bachelorette party? We love the Naughty Conversation Starter Sticks. Perfect for a group of women who are ready for anything, the Naughty Conversation Starter Sticks feature hundreds of questions to get discussions going.

Whether the bachelorette party guests are all best friends, or they are women who haven't even met, the Naughty Conversation Starter Sticks will bond people for life! They feature questions like:

  • Have you ever had sex in a room with mirrors on the ceiling?
  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Would you be willing to wear a homeless man's underpants for a night for $100?
  • Would you be willing to cheat on your lover with your celebrity crush?

We're fairly in love with these conversation starters. If your bachelorette loves to laugh, we think she will love them too! These sticks are great for any party, and you can bring them out at any time: as initial icebreakers, in a party bus on the way to the bar, or at the end of the night when everyone is liquored up and ready to be way too honest!

Customer Reviews

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Great For When There's A Lull in the Party

These were great to have at the bachelorette party I threw for my friend. There were a few times when there seemed to be a dip in the activity and conversation so I'd pull these out and we'd take turns asking the bride to be these questions. It got the energy back up in the room and people started laughing and talking. It was nice to know I had a "go to" if the party started to stall a bit...

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