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Pecker Bites SALE
Pecker Bites SALE
Pecker Bites SALE
Pecker Bites SALE
Pecker Bites - Bite Size Candies SALE
Pecker Bites - Close Up on One Piece SALE

Pecker-Shaped Hard Candy

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Pecker Bites are a hilarious and tasty snack that everyone at your bachelorette party will love to munch on! has the widest selection of penis-shaped candy for your party.

Hot Facts

  • Pecker-shaped hard candy
  • Strawberry flavored
  • 16 per pack

Item Description

So, you fancy yourself something of a candy penis connoisseur, eh? You’ve been to the ends of the Earth and back in search of the ultimate cock-shaped confection and been thoroughly disappointed everywhere you went. Everywhere, it seems, the penis candy is exactly the same, and uniform in its subpar quality. Just like so much else these days, it’s all mass-produced with little attention to detail, and all the pieces are carelessly thrown into a bag together. You thought that, even in this capitalistic world of cost-cutting and automation, if there was any area where love and care was still put into production, it would be the sacred art of candy dick craftsmanship. But thus far, you’ve had your hopes dashed at every turn.

Well, raise your eyes to the skies, weary traveler, for we are here to tell you that your hopes were not unfounded. If you want candy cocks that have been artisan crafted and handled with care at every step of the production process, look no further than Pecker Bites.

How can we tell that Pecker Bites are the height of luxury in the cutthroat world of candy penises? First of all, they come individually wrapped. That right there speaks volumes to the fact that the manufacturer wants each and every little dick to be enjoyed as the special treat it is. Secondly, just look at the realistic detailing on those balls and head. And finally, the taste. Pecker Bites claim to be strawberry flavored, and unlike many inferior candy dicks, they actually are. They taste a lot like those round hard candies that come in the wrappers that look like strawberries. In other words, pretty dang tasty.

Pecker Bites are a great bachelorette party snack, or they make a great gift for a bachelorette with a sweet tooth. Pecker Bites: for the bachelorette who appreciates the finer dicks in life.

Net Weight 4.5 oz. Contains 16 individually wrapped pieces.

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