Penis Cookie Cutters

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The Penis Cookie Cutters make big cookies in the shape of a hard penis and a soft penis. Let the bachelorette choose which she prefers!

Hot Facts

  • Two Penis Cookie Cutters
  • Soft and erect penises

Item Description

Capture the two stages of the penis with these cute Penis Cookie Cutters. The Penis Cookie Cutters package comes with two cookie cutters: one makes your sad, flaccid penis. The other makes a larger, prouder, more erect penis.

We suggest using these cookie cutters on sugar cookie dough. Then get some colored frosting to make little sad faces on the flaccid penises, and happy faces on the hard penises. To give you an idea of size, these cookie cutters measure 5 x 4 inches, so they make fairly large cookies. These big cookies are great for photo ops and for decorating easily.

2 cookie cutters.

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