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Penis Pen SALE
Penis Pen SALE
Penis Pen SALE

Penis Pen

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You can use the Penis Pen for various bachelorette party games and makes a great party favor to give all your guests to remember the wild bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Squishy Penis Pen Topper
  • Removable Pen Cap
  • Black Ink
  • Item Description

    Hey! Are you a member of the Pen 15 Club? Really? You’re not? Oh, but all the cool girls are in the Pen 15 Club. You have to join if you want to be cool. To join, you just have to go to their website, Pen You know,

    Does that little routine sound familiar to you, too, or am I the only one having flashbacks to middle school right now? I feel like this was a pretty popular prank to play on people back then, especially when not everyone was as internet-savvy as they are now. One time I was so close to hitting enter before I saw what the URL was really spelling out. They almost got me. And you know there were people like that in just about every school.

    So, we think one of those many schoolyard con artists must have grown up to make the Pen 15 Club a real thing. How else would you explain this Penis Pen? It is simultaneously the thing that Pen 15 claimed to be and the thing it secretly was, seamlessly blending together the truth and the lie. Truly, this unassuming object should be considered a seminal postmodern work of art. It’s also considered a hilarious gift to bring to a bachelorette party! Whether the other guests remember the Pen 15 Club or not, everyone will have fun writing messages down and watching the squishy penis on top of this pen flop around while they do it.

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