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Rainbow Boobie Candy Necklace SALE
Rainbow Boobie Candy Necklace - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Rainbow Boobie Candy Necklace - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

Rainbow Boobie Candy Necklace

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Bachelor can't decide whether he wants his own pair of boobs or wants to suck on a pair of boobs? Give him the best of both worlds with the Rainbow Boobie Candy Necklace.

Hot Facts

  • Fruit-flavored
  • Super colorful
  • 2 oz of boob-shaped candy

Item Description

I think it was Freud who first proposed the theory of penis envy; the idea that women simultaneously wanted to have their own penis and to have sex with a penis. I’m not so sure he had a damn idea what he was talking about - after all, the man also thought cocaine was a magic cure for everything from stuffy noses to clinical depression - but if it is true, you’ve got to assume the opposite is also true: that men have boob envy, and both want to have their own boobs and want to suck on a pair of boobs.

Well, good news, guys - all your deepest Freudian dreams can now be achieved thanks to the Rainbow Boobie Candy Necklace. You can wear this pair of massive candy honkers around your neck and feel like you have your very own set of boobs. Then, when you get tired of lugging them around, you can gobble them right up, delicious and fruity. Now that is something for the ladies to be envious of.

The Rainbow Candy Boobie Necklace is a necklace made from little colorful hard candies, with a very special charm on it - a gigantic 2 ounce chunk of boob-shaped rainbow candy! These tatas taste as great as they look, and they look pretty spectacular. The bachelor might think he doesn’t want his own pair of boobs, but trust us, after a couple of minutes with this necklace, he’ll be off to the lingerie store for a candy bra to go with them.

One candy boobie necklace. Net weight 3.1 oz.

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