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Rainbow Pecker Bites are your favorite penis candies, now in all the colors of the rainbow! The only thing better than a tasty pecker is a tasty rainbow pecker!

Hot Facts

  • Fruity flavored
  • Rainbow colored
  • 16 Individually wrapped candies

  • Item Description

    If you asked us a month ago if we thought the original pecker bites were the perfect bachelorette party candy, we’d have said yes without hesitation. Highly detailed complete with balls and head, individually wrapped for ease of distributing them to your party guests, and deliciously fruit-flavored. If there were such a thing as artisanal dick candy, Pecker Bites would be the world’s greatest masterpiece. Or so we thought.

    Now, it is with bittersweet tears of joy that we announce that the original Pecker Bites have been dethroned from the glorious position as the king of cock candy. And who is the usurper, you ask? What could possibly be even better than pecker bites?

    Pecker bites, of course. Except this time… they’re rainbow. Yes, that’s right, folks. Everything you loved about the original pecker bites, now in an all new form that’s seven times more colorful than before. They still have the same great fruit taste, attention to detail, and individual packaging, but now they’re fit for a gay unicorn at a Kesha concert. Everything’s better with rainbows… just try these colorful little peckers and see for yourself.

    16 individually wrapped pieces per package.

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