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She + Her Sash SALE
She + Her Sash SALE

She + Her Sash

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The She + Her Sash is a fabulous and fantastic way for your bride-to-be to show off how excited she is to be marrying another woman!

Hot Facts

  • 6 Feet Long
  • Adjustable, One Size Fits Most
  • Safety Pin Included
  • Item Description

    We think queer icon Ru Paul put it best: “sashay away!” And now you can sash-ay into your bachelorette party or bachelor party in style with our new line of LGBTQ-friendly sashes! Many of the fashion accessories on this site make the assumption that the bachelorette is marrying a man, or the bachelor is marrying a woman, but now we’re proud to carry an assortment of fabulous sashes for women marrying women and men marrying men!

    The She + Her Sash is perfect for the bride-to-be who’s getting ready to marry another bride-to-be! From its rainbow sequin lining to the glittery message and heart written out in big letters on the sash, this sash is a beautiful way to help the bachelorette say it loud and say it proud!

    Sash measures 6 feet long and is adjustable to fit most wearers.

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