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Stripper Straws 3 Pack

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Sip your drink in style with Stripper Straws! It's just like hiring male strippers for the party, if the strippers were two inches tall and attached to a straw!

Hot Facts

  • Plastic straws with male stripper figures on them
  • Figures slide up and down
  • Three straws per pack

Item Description

Uh-oh. Now you’re in a bit of a pickle. The bachelorette just asked you to get her a male stripper for the bachelorette party. Actually, she asked you to get her not one, not two, but three male strippers. She always did have fairly demanding tastes. But how the heck are you going to do that? You certainly don’t have any clue where to hire strippers from, not any more, not since college... but you suspect it probably involves being seen in the parts of town where you wouldn’t want to be seen. And besides, aren’t strippers pretty expensive? All that money would be much better spent on booze for the party! You can’t in good conscience go through with this plan, but you’d hate to see her anything less than completely satisfied with her big night... what are you going to do?

A-ha! Eureka, that’s it! There’s a way that you can give her what she wants and save your wallet and reputation at the same time: Stripper Straws! All you need to do is buy one pack of Stripper Straws, and voila, the three strippers she requested. Sure, maybe they’re only two inches tall, and made of plastic, and attached to a straw. But she never specifically said she wanted three human strippers, now did she? So you’re technically in the clear. Crisis averted!

Stripper Straws are long silver drink straws with suggestively posed nude male figures hanging off of them. The strippers can be freely moved up and down the length of the straw, accommodating cups of any size - and creating quite the miniature pole dancing show while they’re at it! Everyone at the party is sure to get a kick out of these suggestively posed little men, and as more and more alcohol passes through those straws their love for them will only grow. In fact, the bachelorette only requested three, but you may want to get more than that... all the guests might want to take advantage of the fact that these are strippers you can take home with you!

Three stripper straws per pack. Hand wash only.

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Sorta cute

These were sorta cute.

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