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Weenie Linguine Pasta SALE
Weenie Linguine Pasta SALE
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Weenie Linguine Penis Pasta

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Prepare her favorite pasta with the Weenie Linguine. Plan a party to remember with help from

Hot Facts

  • Weenie Linguine
  • 6.25 ounces

Item Description

Looking for a weenie to put in that linguine? You've come to the right place! What? Why are you looking at me funny? Weenies are a totally normal thing to put in linguine.

Even if you don't believe us, how can you deny how awesome this Weenie Linguine Pasta is? The Weenie Linguine Pasta is a delicious penis pasta that you can dress any way you like, just like regular pasta. (and just like regular penises?) Surprise the bachelorette by serving her favorite pasta dish ... with a twist.

The boxes of Weenie Linguine are a bit smaller than the normal boxes of pasta you buy at the supermarket, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in... penis-ness. If you want to make a recipe that all the girls at your party can eat, you may want to buy more than one box.

6.25 ounces/ 175 g

Customer Reviews

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Only 23, ER? That's child

Only 23, ER? That's child's play. I ate at least 50 dicks last night. Most of them were this pasta. Most.

I ate 23 dicks last night

I ate 23 dicks last night. I think that's a world record.

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