Bachelorette Party Product of the Week: Mr. Stud Blow Up Doll

Bachelorette Party Product of the Week: Mr. Stud Blow Up Doll

The Mr. Stud Inflatable Love Doll is tall, hung, and handsome.

Okay, maybe not tall, hung AND handsome. We think 1.5 of these things is true.

Mr. Stud is definitely hung, with 8 inches of inflatable penis, ready to rumble at the bachelorette party. And ... okay, handsome could be relative. He's not the ugliest photo every scanned and stretched onto an inflatable love doll. In fact, he looks a little like Chris Pratt. We've got no problem with that. He's also got quite the 8-pack, which we think makes up for his absolute lack of hands and feet. I mean, with a penis like this, other appendages seem overrated.

Tall - No. Mr. Stud won't live up to anyone's fantasies of a basketball player whisking them off their feet. But if the bachelorette has ever fantasized about a horse jockey, this is the man for her!

Mr. Stud is a fantastic option for a wild bachelorette party. We like dressing him up, and letting the bachelorette remove a piece of his clothing, maybe every time she mentions the groom? Mr. Stud is great for at-home bachelorette parties, memorable photos of the bride-to-be, or for making a scene at the bar. 

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