Husband VooDoo Doll

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The New Husband VooDoo Doll lets the bachelorette use magic to make her new husband perfect. Get the best gifts for your bachelorette at

Hot Facts

  • New Husband VooDoo Doll
  • Pick from 25 great husband attributes
  • Includes 10 pins

Item Description

The New Husband VooDoo Doll is a great gift for the bachelorette. She might think her husband-to-be is the perfect man, the smart, sensitive guy that defies all stereotypes, but let's face it: once he's a husband, all those wonderful qualities are going straight out the window. The New Husband VooDoo Doll gives the bachelorette a chance to pick the desirable qualities she'd like him to hang on to. She picks these attributes by sticking the included pins in the Husband VooDoo Doll!

What, oh, what, will the bachelorette make her husband do? How about, "Take me on a vacation?" Or "Rub my feet?" "Listen to me," and "Stop acting like a jerk" are two other favorites.

Take the New Husband VooDoo Doll out at the bachelorette party and let all the guests have their way with him. The New Husband VooDoo Doll is a wonderful way to relieve aggression and poke fun at marriage.

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