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The Penis Pop-It Toy

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Features has hundreds of things to do at a bachelorette party, so why not chill and pop the zits of this penis toy.

Hot Facts

  • Penis Pop-It Toy
  • Very Satisfying
  • Will be a hit at the party

Item Description

Some penises are more satisfying than others.

Let's face it, some penises are just more satisfying than others. Sometimes it is all about who it attached to, other times it is how it is used, and of course the shape and size can play a factor. This penis is ultra satisfying because it is fun to play with. These popper toys are silly, but they are also hard to put down. Just the simple act of popping them, similar to bubble wrap, is worth your time.

The Penis Pop It Will be "Pop"ular

At the bachelorette party, leave the Penis Pop It toy out and about and watch how many people fondle and play with it. I wish a lot of people would finger my genitals, but that's a different story. The Penis Pop-It will certainly get it's share of digital stimulation. 

The Penis pop-it is reusable. You pop one side and then flip it over and you can do this over and over. It is rainbow colored because why not? 

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