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Squishy Dick Toy SALE
Squishy Dick Toy SALE
Squishy Dick Toy SALE
Squishy Dick Toy SALE

Squishy Dick Toy

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The Squishy Dick Toy is a little dick that's a ton of fun to squeeze, and makes an excellent gag gift for the bride or party favor!

Hot Facts

  • Slow-Rising and Squishy
  • Nicely Scented
  • Great Gag Gift or Party Favor
  • Item Description

    Have you ever wished that you could grab hold of a dick and just smush it and squish it and squeeze it until it was a formless wrinkly mass in your palm?

    Who are we kidding, of course you have. Who hasn’t? But we regret to inform you that doing that to a real dick would be considered assault, and so you should probably avoid doing so, unless you want a totally deserved multiple-decade jail sentence.
    But, if you’re looking for a jail-free alternative, why not try the Squishy Dick Toy instead? Our extensive research suggests that squeezing this smiling foam pecker will bring you at least 80% of the satisfaction with 0% of the consequences. Also, it’s banana scented, which is waaaaay nicer than the alternative. And you know what smells even better than bananas? The smell of not going to jail. Yup. This toy’s looking like a better and better option by the minute, huh?

    The Squishy Dick Toy makes a great gag gift or party favor for any bachelorette party, and can even be used in a variety of bachelorette party games.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Couldn't Keep Our Hands Off Him

    This was a hit at the party. We plunked this down on the table and none of us could quit squishing it. Pretty funny

    Vicky T

    No better way to relieve stress than a little CBT. This guy has all three. Somedays, after a video conference, i just reach out and punch this clown! = D

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