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Sex Position Candles SALE
Sex Position Candles SALE

Sex Position Candles

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Sex Position Candles are a hilarious addition to your bachelorette party cake that's sure to put a smile on everyone's faces!

Hot Facts

  • Five per Pack
  • Dual-Color Candles Show Graphic Detail
  • 5 Different Positions
  • Item Description

    Picture this: your best friend since childhood asked you to be the maid of honor at her wedding, and to plan her bachelorette party. And you were more than prepared to rise to the occasion; you’ve been coming up with ideas for this party practically since the day she met her husband-to-be. It’s a dream come true. There’s just one hitch: she invited her snobby new work friends to the party, and one of them is hovering by the snack table with a sour look on her face. You go over to ask her what’s wrong, and then she hits you with it:

    “Your cake is basic AF. Penis cakes are soooo 2009.”

    Oof. Devastating. Are you just gonna sit there and take that? Hell no. You’ve come this far, you’re not gonna let this uppity yuppie rain on your parade. Time to show her you mean business and make her rue the day she even dreamed of insulting your party-throwing skills. Because you’ve got an ace up your sleeve: just wait til she sees what you’re putting ON that penis cake.

    BAM! Sex Position Candles. A penis cake might have been too tame for her, but you just turned the raunchiness up to 11. Maybe she’s seen more than a few penis cakes in her time, but we guarantee she’s never seen a penis cake with ten people fucking on top of it before. All the guests’ minds are about to be blown, just like these candles are. (Hah, get it? Blown?) That’ll teach her to call your cake boring.

    Comes with five party candles depicting five different sexual positions.

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