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Award Ribbons for Party Guests SALE
Award Ribbons for Party Guests - Six Designs SALE
Bachelorette Party Award Ribbons SALE

Bridal Party Award Ribbons

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Hot Facts

  • Bride to Be Award Ribbons
  • 6 ribbons
  • Pretty and satiny

Item Description

The Bride-to-Be Award Ribbons includes six ribbons for the women who come to the bachelorette party! These ribbons are bright and funky in white, pinks, mauve and purple.

Draw attention to the Hot Mess, the Future Mrs., the Sugar Mama, the Miss Priss, the Single Tonight and the Designated Drunk. These fun and colorful ribbons are fun to hand out and start great conversations at the bar. Your guests will love the attention they get from men when they wear these ribbons.

Six ribbons. They stick on with strong adhesive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Everyone Played the Part

When I saw these, I immediately thought they'd be a good fit for our group. I knew who "Hot Mess" was and "Miss Priss", the "Designated Drunk", etc. It was fun to see the girls pick the one that they wanted to be that night and they didn't disappoint! They really embraced their award and played their part to the hilt, which added to the fun all night long.

These were cute, everyone

These were cute, everyone wore them with pride! Our bachelorette party was pretty small so one set was the perfect number :)

The mother of the bride w

The mother of the bride wasn't part of the party but we had four bridesmaids, so we just gave one of them the mother of the bride pin instead. She got a lot of odd looks from guys who read what it said all night long, haha!

Great way to indicate who

Great way to indicate who everyone is, I just wish there were more bridesmaids buttons. We had two extra girls and didn't want to buy a second set so the five bridesmaids took turns with the three buttons all night. But other than that shortage they were fun.

Great set

Classy, and quick shipping!

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