Boobie Lollipop

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The Boobie Lollipop is 2 ounces of delicious strawberry-flavored boob-shaped fun! This tasty boob pop makes a great bachelor party snack.

Hot Facts

  • Boob-shaped
  • Strawberry-flavored
  • 2 oz

  • Item Description

    Give the bachelor a titty to suck on that won’t get him in trouble with his future wife. The Boobie Lollipop is over 2 ounces of strawberry-flavored, boobie-shaped deliciousness. It may not be as big as the boobs he’d like to be sucking on at his bachelor party, or as soft, or as attached-to-a-woman’s-body, but trust us, this is the one you want to get him. It’s going to cost him a whole lot less than the other options, and we’re not just talking about how cheap it is.

    One boob-shaped lollipop. Net weight 2.05 oz.

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