Gummy Sutra

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Gummy Sutra is the wildest and raunchiest bag of gummy candy you've ever seen! These tasty treats come in four positions - er, flavors, that is!

Hot Facts

  • Eight per pack
  • Four flavors
  • Individually wrapped

  • Item Description

    So, you want to surprise your soon-to-be-married friend with a truly extreme pre-wedding present, eh? Forget boring wedding-themed gifts like a veil or diamond ring headband. Even a big inflatable penis or boob would be a little too tame, as far as you’re concerned. For your friend’s upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party, give him or her the gift of... SEX!

    Woah, woah, woah, we’re not suggesting you actually SLEEP with them. We’re in the business of helping you celebrate upcoming marriages, not ruining them! But you can still give your friend a sexy surprise with the Gummy Sutra Gummies!

    Gummy Sutra Gummies are even raunchier than your standard penis or boob-shaped gummies: these gummy candies actually depict couples having sex! They’re the perfect treat to get your friend all flustered and embarrassed on their big night out. Gummy Sutra Gummies come in four tasty flavors and make a great gag gift or snack for a bachelor party or bachelorette party!

    8 gummies per pack (2 each in 4 flavors).

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