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Boob Balloons - 8 SALE
Boob Balloons in Packaging SALE

Boobies Balloons - With Realistic Boob Photos

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The Boob Balloons feature every kind of pair for every kind of bachelor. Get them at, where we help plan bachelor parties too!

Hot Facts

  • Boobies Balloons
  • Fun balloons with cool boob photos
  • 8 balloons

Item Description

Put your mouth on these Boob Balloons and blow them up! If only real boobs were this easy to enlarge. Women everywhere would be begging men to suckle.

The Boob Balloons come eight to a pack. This is more than enough to stuff in the bachelor's car or closet. We like the Boob Balloons for pranks, but you can also use them to decorate your at-home bachelor party. No matter what kind of boobs the bachelor prefers: itty-bitty titties, great big melons, perky B-cups, fake or real ... There's a balloon that depicts every kind of awesome boob.

8 balloons.

Customer Reviews

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Ben Jammin
More than

a great pair. ITS 8 GREAT PAIRS! 16 TITTIES TOTAL!
Thats 12 more titties than ive ever touched in one little bag!

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