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Boob-Covered Plates SALE
Boob-Covered Plates - Covered in Boobs SALE
Boob-Covered Plates - 8 Per Pack SALE

Bewb Plates - 8

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Use the Boob Plates to serve up pizza in the limo ride home. Get the Boob Plates at, where we plan bachelor parties too.

Hot Facts

  • Boob Plates
  • Covered in all kinds of boobs
  • 8 plates

Item Description

When you can't be covered in boobs, having boob-covered plates is the next best thing. The Boob Plates are pretty dang awesome, if we say so ourselves. Usually booby place settings are pretty lame, but these are covered in boobs of all shapes and sizes—there's something to please everyone.

Here you'll find white boobs, brown boobs, black boobs and all the boobs in between. Big nipples, small nipples; perky breasts, saggy tits. Every pair of knockers he'll ever need, all on one plate.

These Boob Plates will give your bachelor or bachelorette party that extra flourish that everyone loves: boobs. Get them for the limo ride, pass them out with late-night pizza, or give them to the bachelor as a consolation prize for being too cheap to hire a stripper.

8 Boob Plates.

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