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Cummies Gummies SALE
Cummies Gummies SALE

Cummies Gummies

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We promise Cummies Gummies are a lot tastier than their appearance would suggest - either way, they're a hilarious addition to your bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Sperm Shaped Gummies
  • Pina Colada Flavor
  • 4oz of Gummies
  • Item Description

    Are you and your chummies turning into mummies from all the crummy snacks in your tummies? Then you need these yummy Cummies Gummies!

    … Okay, yes, we are sorry for writing that abomination of a sentence and making you read it with your own two eyes. But we’re not sorry about offering you a great deal on these expectedly hilarious and unexpectedly delicious gummy candies for your bachelorette party! With all the penis decorations you’ve got, it’s only fitting that there should be some sperm somewhere in the party decor. Better yet, use them to decorate a penis cake for a truly authentic dessert experience! These silly sperm-shaped pina colada-flavored gummy candies are a snack that will have your bachelorette party guests talking for years to come.

    Pina colada flavored gummies. Net weight 4.2 oz (120g).

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