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Drink Me Lotto Cards SALE
Drink Me Lotto Cards SALE
Drink Me Lotto Cards SALE

Drink Me Lotto Cards

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Drink Me Lotto Cards are a fun bachelorette party game where everyone's a winner - because everyone's going to get really drunk!

Hot Facts

  • 12 Tickets
  • Coin Scratch Off
  • Every One's a Winner
  • Item Description

    Does the bachelorette in your life have a compulsive gambling problem? Are you worried that her husband has no idea what he’s really getting into, and as soon as their finances are linked she’s going to drive him into massive debt buying lottery tickets and it’s going to destroy their marriage? Are you desperately looking for something, anything that will help you make a last-ditch attempt to veer her off the doomed path of scratch tickets before it dooms her matrimony? No? Is that just us? Oh, um, nevermind then.

    Well, even if you’re not trying to use them as a sort of nicotine gum for gambling addiction, these Drink Me Lotto Tickets are a great game to play at the bachelorette party! Just hand out a ticket to each party guest and scratch the circles off one at a time - whenever someone matches three circles, they win! Of course, this is the best kind of game, because really, everyone wins - after all, each card is full of different ways for you all to get drunk!

    12 tickets per pack.



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