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10 Penis Straws - Have A Giant Suck Festival SALE
10 Penis Straws in Package SALE
10 Penis Straws - Close Up of One SALE
10 Flesh-Colored Penis Straws SALE
10 Penis Straws at a Bachelorette Party SALE

10 Penis Straws - Have A Giant Suck Festival

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Realistic Penis Straws tell your friends that this bachelorette party isn't for prisses. You are serious about getting wasted and misbehaving.

Hot Facts

  • Penis Straws
  • Big, light flesh-toned and detailed
  • 10 straws per package

Item Description

Flesh colored straws are for the most hard core bachelorette parties. Rainbow or pastel colored cocks aren't for you. You want your penis straws to look like the real deal. You are the ultimate in bachelorette party planners. The sluttiest of sluts, realistic penis straws are what you crave.

You are the type of person who would actually invite your friends over to suck on ten different dicks if you thought they would show up and the guys wouldn't tell anyone, but guys talk so you don't.

You can still gather your friends around and suck on these bad boys. The best part is that when you suck on these straws alcohol comes out of them. It's great.

So order a ten-pack of these straws and gather your friends around and suck some dicks. It'll be fun.


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