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Glitter Penis Cocktail Straws - 8 SALE
Glitter Penis Cocktail Straws - 8 SALE
Glitter Penis Cocktail Straws - 8 SALE

Glitter Penis Cocktail Straws - 8

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The Glitter Penis Bachelorette Party Straws feature metallic gold, silver, and rose gold penises for your party pleasure. Plan the perfect party at

Hot Facts

  • Glitter Penis Cocktail Straws
  • 8 straws
  • Cute and compact 5 inch size
  • Item Description

    We adore the tiny Glitter Penis Cocktail Straws! These straws match the Glitter Penis line of products, and come in metallic gold, silver, rose gold, and pink. Each straw is adorned with a glittery penis.

    If you don't want no short dick man, then these straws probably aren't for you. These paper bachelorette party straws are just 5 inches long, and work perfectly in short glasses, as straws and drink stirrers. They won't work in large cups or pint glasses.

    If you love these bachelorette party straws and are looking to decorate your bachelorette party with all the glitter penis items, we've got you covered. There are napkins, plates, confetti balloons, confetti, and a gift bag too!

    8 short straws.




    Customer Reviews

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    Rachel H.
    The Prettiest Penis Straws Around

    I wanted to set the tone with some penis decorations, but at the same time, I wanted the party to be pretty. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull it off, but these straws helped a lot. They are actually quite pretty, but they have the surprise element of a penis attached to the straw. This made everyone laugh and got the party rolling.

    Classy and Raunchy At the Same Time

    These straws are actually really pretty, especially if you like a little bling. I wanted to have all the fun penis stuff at my Bachelorette, but still wanted it to be pretty. I bought these straws and the plates and napkins and everything looked great, while being on theme.

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