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A Drinking Straw The Spells Out "Bride" SALE
A Drinking Straw The Spells Out "Bride" SALE
A Drinking Straw The Spells Out "Bride" SALE

The Bride Silly Straw

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The Bride silly straw is a fun way to drink for the bride to be. Watching your drink swirl around is silly.

Hot Facts

  • A Silly Straw
  • Spells out the word "Bride"
  • A fun drinking accessory

Item Description

The Bride Straw. What could be more bachelorette party than a drinking accessory for the bride? I dunno, nothing? This big straw is a lot of fun. It spells out the word "Bride". This is no tiny little straw, check out the photo of it alongside an entire bottle of wine. This straw is large.

Also note that you can get all the way to the bottom of a bottle of wine if you need to.

This straw is fun to use because you get to watch your drink, or the bride's drink go all the way around all of the loop-de-loops on its way down out of the glass and down the hatch. We used to call these things Silly Straws, but I'm not sure if that name applies. It is silly and it is a straw though.

It is pink and fun. You get one.

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